Thank you so much for everything!  You guys did such an amazing job.  We have never looked better!  It was also such a fun and relaxing morning.  Thank you so much.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate everything you did!

- Alexandra G.: Client (Makeup & Hair for Bride & Bridal Party)


I want to start off with the most massive THANK YOU ever for being such a major part in my wedding day.  Not only the phenomenal job you and your assistants did, but just your presence and personality really aided in the overall experience for my wedding day and I could not possibly be more delighted with you as a person, on top of how talented you are as a MUA.  My husband, who I have told you sees me done up with professional makeup all of the time, and has pretty high standards was absolutely blown away by my makeup and all of the bridesmaids.  He was so proud of me for going with my gut and selecting you for the day, and did not stop complementing me on how stunning I looked.  Not only did he cry when he saw me, but he could hardly get through his vows (which I totally didn't expect) and made my day knowing he was taking every word so seriously.

- Brittany, B.: Client (Makeup & Hair for Bride & Bridal Party)


It was such a pleasure to work with you and we got so many compliments on our make up!  It held through the entire night too!  And what you did with my mom, making her comfortable with the makeup and look stunning yet natural too, that is something above and beyond what I was hoping for.  I really can’t thank you enough!

- Elim G.: Client (Makeup for Bride & Bridal Party)


Thank you sooooo much!!!  I don't even know where to begin to let you understand how much I appreciated you today!  For me to find you amongst all of Toronto, I am forever grateful.  Our wedding was amazing!!  You made me feel so beautiful and I could not have had the day I did if it wasn't for your amazing personality, talent, calmness, and your overall professionalism.  From our first interaction I knew you were perfect.  You are beyond amazing and keep doing what you are doing, you touch peoples lives without probably realizing the amazing and positive impact you have.

- Lynae S.: Client (Makeup & Hair for Bride)


Vinny! This is the Bride from Saturday June 23, I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for helping out that morning, everyone’s hair not only looked amazing, all the girls felt amazing too.  Your personality touched each one of them and seriously they talked about you all day!  So thank you again so much, you saved the day by being so efficient and creative, I’m so glad you came along that morning. Take care!

- Roseanna S.: Client (Hair for Bridal Party)


Hi Vinny!  Just wanted to reach out and say a huge THANK YOU for doing mine and Nida’s makeup and hair that weekend, especially on June 30th!  We absolutely loved it and got so many compliments about it also.  You were awesome to work with and we really appreciated you spending so much time on us and working with us to get the look we wanted.  Also thank you for being available so last minute to do their hair on July 1st!  Your makeup is every woman’s dream.  We wish you lots of success in your future endeavours ☺

- Sana C.: Client (Makeup & Hair for Bride & Maid of Honour)


I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Vincent Tang in live event, photo shoot, and multiple music video settings over the last few years. Each and every time Vinny comes to set with an amazing infectious attitude, very prepared, and does fabulous work. From high fashion concepts, to day glam for live appearances, he consistently nails the look. On long shoot days, Vinny’s calm and professional energy become as much an asset as his skill level, and having an MUA who is as talented in hair as he is with makeup is a wonderful rare find in the industry. I can’t say enough about my great experiences working with Vinny and encourage everyone to work with him… unless I need him, then back off.

- Nicole Arbour: Comedian, Recording Artist, Director


Mr. Vincent Tang has been a client of ours since 2012 and has worked on many of our photoshoots.  He has been extremely helpful over these years.  He is beyond patient and takes direction well with our quick makeup and hair applications for our photoshoots.  Whenever we have a new candidate come in we refer to Vincent and mention how great he is with on set and behind scenes.  We only wish that all candidates that come in and help with our photoshoot is as fun energetic, helpful, punctual, calm and takes direction well.  Not only can we rely on him he is also extremely helpful with recommending looks and artists for us.  Vincent, is our go to artist and truly love his work and work ethic his energy is something we wish that all artist could have that work at our photoshoots.  He is someone that we strongly recommend.

- Hamilton’s Theatrical Supply: Client (Commercial Catalogue)


Our style team, Vincent Tang and Youlanda Jackson 'nailed the branding/image' that the label was going for with this artist.  Vinny was constantly making sure Keesha's hair was in place and smoothing it out when the moisture from the hazer started adding volume to her do.  Thank goodness Youlanda found us a new pair of pants when the first pair ripped so we could come back and wrap up the dance scenes.  Besides talented, these two are problem solvers and we love that.  Good work lovelies.

- Jaylyn Todd & Shawn Haynes: Executive Producer & Director, LAC Productions


I wanted to thank you very much for your passionate work at the Girlactik/Sephora beauty launch event. You are a natural talent and worked great with all the clients. I was especially pleased as to how you had all the ladies in your chair comfortable and confident waiting to see themselves in the mirror. Great Job!!!!!

- Galit Strugano: Creator, Girlactik Beauty


Vincent was an exemplary artist during |FAT| Fashion Art Toronto, showing a constant need to learn and practice the new make up techniques and looks we required. He used this creative inspiration by applying it to amazing work on each model he touched. Aside from the creative part of working on the Make Up For Ever team, Vincent was in constant action never allowing any time to go by unproductively. Perseverance like this allowed him to grow as both an artist and as someone who can manage their time, even under the extreme conditions backstage. Vincent will make an amazing addition to any project he applies himself to or is hired for. His talent, attitude and work ethic are difficult to find in this industry and are second to none.

- Jacquie Jeffery: Regional Manager – Ontario, MAKE UP FOR EVER


I had the pleasure of meeting Vincent a few years ago and I can definitely say that he is a force to be reckoned with! He’s smart, funny, polite and very charismatic along with being an amazing makeup & hair artist. I’ve worked with Vincent on many occasions, whether it’s a fashion show, a glamour girl party or getting a celebrity ready for her moment in the spotlight; he is always someone that I want to have on my team. He brings a fresh energy and outlook to set and is always courteous and easy going and fun to be around. I admire Vincent’s skill, patience and his charming way with people. Anyone would be lucky to have an opportunity to work with this creative soul.

- Melissa Nicholl: Education & Artistry Executive – Ontario, MAKE UP FOR EVER


Vincent is great guy to work with. No matter what he does, he is professional and a perfectionist and carries out looks exactly how it is supposed to be done. For a makeup artist, he is one of the best at doing hair.

- Carlos Pang: Owner, Spellbound Hair Design

I wanted to send a very big “Thank You” your way. It was a pleasure having you at our “I Am Me” Live Event. You were professional yet fun and engaging. The feedback from our guests was all positive and enthusiastic – they can’t wait for us to host another event and hope you’ll be there. We appreciated your punctuality and that you left your station spotless once the event was over. I’m sure you will be an asset to any organization lucky enough to have you on board.

- Lorraine Zander: Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Faze Magazine

Dearest Vinny, quick note to say many thanks to you and your in-person tutorial.  You have inspired me to really put effort into the ‘makeup application’.  You are truly so wonderful!

- Divina N.: Client (Makeup Lesson)

Vinny’s professionalism and positive attitude taught me how to embrace my inner creativity.  I have truly enjoyed the experience I’ve gained working with him in this industry.  I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and friend.

- Jessica M.: Student, Bryan College

I was one of Vincent’s student at NAC and before I took make up class, I had no idea how make-up could be this fun. The knowledge I gained about colours, face shapes, eyes shapes, brow shapes and all helped me learn to make them look defined & more beautiful! What I like and respect about Vincent is that he is very friendly, honest & a no nonsense teacher and had quiet high expectations for his students. Cleanliness was a must, from washing hands before touching client’s face, makeup case, brushes had to be cleaned after use each day.  Punctuality was a must in his class … it all made perfect sense to me. Learning with Vincent, I never felt afraid or embarrass to ask question, even though some questions I asked might be silly. The most important thing I truly appreciated was the confidence I gained and the proper way to talk to clients about their needs and what looks good on them and how you can make them feel good to trust you to be their artist. Thank you Vincent for being my teacher!

- Kim B.: Student, North American College

I met Vinny through my education at Bryan College where he was the instructor for the make-up classes I attended.  His positive, friendly and always professional attitude inspired me to get involved in makeup artistry and to volunteer at his charity events.  Vinny is and has always been a teacher, advisor and mentor to me.  He always supported my career in aesthetics, makeup and my own microblading business that I have recently started.  What I admire most about Vinny that he fearlessly expresses this creativity.  He is working relentlessly to achieve the outstanding results that brought him to the expertise and creativity level that he is known for on with his peers and clients.  I have no hesitation to recommend Vinny on every professional level.  I was able to witness his outstanding work results many times.  Vinny's character, skill set and his love for his work are a big inspiration for me.  It is and will always be a pleasure to learn from him and work with him.

- Noemi P.: Student, Bryan College

Thank you for being an outstanding instructor.  You created a colourful environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way.  I am greatful to have you as a guide, leading by example.

- Siji S.: Student, Bryan College

Thank you Vinny for the opportunity, its always a pleasure working with you and getting to learn new techniques.

- Saleha K, Assistant Artist


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