What are your sanitary procedures?

Health & Safety for everyone is a primary concern next to the end results.  In addition to keeping track of purchase and expiration dates, I am very proactive in maintaining the cleanliness of all my brushes/products/tools by using an Industry Brush Cleaner (Cinema Secrets), Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist (Beauty So Clean), Standard Disinfectants (99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Accel TB, Barbicide) and UV Light.  A steel spatula and palette are used for extracting and mixing liquid/oil based products and I am well supplied with various disposables to prevent cross-contamination.  I also take into consideration any Allergies (eg. latex, nuts), Concerns (eg. contact lenses, piercings), or Sensitivities (eg. burns, scars) you may have. 

What are your rates?

All rates are based on:

Clientele (Number of Guests & Type of Services)
Expertise (Qualifications & Results)
Kit (Maintenance & Replenishment)
Mobility (Location & Travel)
Time (Duration & Preparation)
Specific quotes and additional information will be provided in response to the Contact page.

What is your availability?

You may request any time or day of the week (24/7, 365) and I am capable and willing to travel locally, nationally, or internationally for select projects.  Generally an advance notice of 2-3 months is sufficient but for upcoming brides, 6 months is recommended.  Shorter notice bookings will always be attempted to accommodate.

What happens during a Trial Run?

Should you want to proceed with a trial, a variety of looks will be presented to generate solid concepts.  Thereafter, a unique design will be created and executed based on what was collectively decided.  Finished results are captured with a high-resolution camera so every detail can be examined.  Afterwards, adjustments can be made or even something completely different.  The finalized makeup design will be replicated onto a Face Chart and brought to the service date as a refresher which is great to scrapbook.

Do you know how to work with my type of skin/hair and age?

As a working professional with extensive education and training, I am well versed with all Skin Colours (eg. porcelain, ebony), Skin Conditions (eg. albinism, psoriasis), Skin Types (eg. acneic, combination), as well as Hair Colours (eg. dyed, highlighted), Hair Conditions (damaged, thinning), and Hair Types (eg. coarse, fine).  Furthermore, I am accustomed to working with a wide range of age demographics (from 4 to 94 years old) and cultures (from Western to Eastern).

Are you hiring any artists or assistants?

The beauty industry is fast growing and I am always happy to review resumes from artists seeking more experience.  Former students are often hired on or referred to for jobs.  For those seeking opportunities in the retail beauty industry, I can provide the referrals as well.

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